What’s New?

16 October 2020

  • Docker: Inthe.am’s development and production environments have been containerized. You can now start up a development environment much more easily than before; see Setting up a Development Environment.

15 December 2018

6 April 2017


  • (Public Beta) Zapier Integration!

25 July 2015


  • Bugwarrior: Bugwarrior is a tool that allows you to synchronize issues assigned to you from JIRA, Github, and other services with your Taskwarrior task list. Now, you can use Bugwarrior directly with Inthe.AM.

5 July 2015


  • iCal feeds: In addition to our existing RSS and Pebble Cards feeds, you can now enable two iCal feeds showing the due dates or waiting dates of your tasks.
  • (Public Beta) Trello Integration: By turning on this feature, Inthe.AM will create a new Trello board on your account, and will automatically synchronize changes between your Trello board, Inthe.AM and your local Taskwarrior task list. Relatedly, cancelled earlier Kanban Boards Project: #146 Kanban Board <https://github.com/coddingtonbear/inthe.am/issues/146>.
  • Added Gitter channel <https://gitter.im/coddingtonbear/inthe.am> replacing the existing Freenode IRC channel.


  • Altered the way synchronizations and task changes are announced within the system for triggering synchronizations to use Redis’ PubSub rather than periodically synchronizing and announcing newly-found events.
  • Various changes to testing behavior to increase speed including enabling fast-fail of tests, and installing Taskserver and Taskwarrior from deb packages.
  • Disabled full integration testing of the Google log-in process. Google has began requiring that the user walk through a verification process after signing-in, and the complexities involved in making a bot able to walk through that verification process outweighs the risks of the feature breaking.
  • Began sending logging events to Loggly for easier analysis.

19 April 2015


19 February 2015


16 February 2015


  • (Private Beta) Team Kanban Boards: Added configurable Kanban Board functionality allowing teams to collaborate on shared tasks. Completes Phase 1 of #146 Kanban Board.


  • Updated sync behavior in a few fundamental ways:
    • Inthe.AM will automatically synchronize local user task lists as sync events are seen in the Taskserver logs.
    • Rather than periodically initiating a sync while connected to the status stream; simply waits for head changes from the synchronization operation finished in the above step.
    • Users using non-local Taskservers will no longer have access to streaming task information, and will instead need to click the ‘Refresh’ button to synchronize tasks.
  • Removed functionality allowing one to disable the task update stream. Very few users were using the functionality allowing one to disable it.

Deprecation Warnings

30 January 2015


  • Attachment annotations: New attachments will now add annotations containing a link to the uploaded attachment in S3; this makes it easier to access your annotations when using Taskwarrior clients other than Inthe.AM.
  • Automatic SMS arguments: You can now specify default tags and attributes for incoming SMS messages; this makes it easy for you to make sure you can those messages you wrote while on a bumpy bus or train so you can clean up those tasks later.

15 December 2014