Pending Tasks

Task List

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/tasks/

Method Description
GET List all pending tasks.
POST Given a task payload, create a new task.

Task Details

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/tasks/<TASK_UUID>/

Method Description
GET Get task details.
PUT Given a JSON task payload, update the task’s details.
DELETE Mark the existing task as completed.

Non-users of Taskwarrior may be surprised by the DELETE method’s behavior of this endpoint given that the task is not actually deleted, but instead marked as completed, but this implementation is much more consistent with Taskwarrior workflows.


To truly delete a task, see Delete a Task below.

Delete a Task

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/tasks/<TASK_UUID>/delete/

Method Description
POST Mark an existing task as deleted.

Although using the DELETE method on the Task Details endpoint may seem to be more intuitive, it is far more common for one to mark a task as completed than deleted.

If that doesn’t set your mind at ease, try to think of the Task List and Task Details endpoints as being listings of only pending tasks, and that by issuing a DELETE request you’re removing it from your pending task list (and moving it to your completed task list).

Start a Task

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/tasks/<TASK_UUID>/start/

Method Description
POST Mark an existing task as started.

Stop a Task

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/tasks/<TASK_UUID>/stop/

Method Description
POST Mark an existing task as stopped.


RSS Feed

Returns an RSS representation of your current pending tasks.


This endpoint is not authenticated, and is thus disabled unless specifically enabled in your configuration.

After enabling this endpoint in your configuration, you will be given the proper URL to use (including your SECRET_ID).

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/tasks/feed/<SECRET_ID>/

Method Description
GET RSS Tasks Feed.

Utility Endpoints

Repository Lock


Do not use this endpoint unless you absolutely know what you are doing. Manually unlocking your repository while an action is in progress may result in data loss!

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/tasks/lock/

Method Description
DELETE Manually unlock your repository.
GET Check whether your repository is currently locked. Will return a 200 if it is, and a 404 if it is not.

Enable Synchronization

You can re-enable synchronization if it has been disabled by sending an empty POST to this endpoint.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/enable-sync/

Method Description
POST Enable synchronization.

User Information


Returns brief JSON-formatted information about the currently logged-in user.


This endpoint does not require authentication. If you are not authenticated via an API key or a cookie, you will receive only limited information.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/status/

Method Description
GET Get user data.


Returns a JSON-formatted list of recent announcements.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/announcements/

Method Description
GET Get announcements.

Download my certificate

Returns your currently-active certificate used for communicating with Inthe.AM.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/my-certificate/

Method Description
GET Get certificate.

Download my key

Returns your currently-active key used for communicating with Inthe.AM.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/my-key/

Method Description
GET Get key.

Download CA certificate

Returns Inthe.AM’s certificate; this is used for synchronizing with Inthe.AM’s taskd server.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/ca-certificate/

Method Description
GET Get CA certificate.


Update .taskrc

Locally, Inthe.AM runs Taskwarrior in a way that’s very similar to how you interact with Taskwarrior on your personal computer, and a .taskrc file is read and used for calculating things like UDAs and priorities.

Use this endpoint to see or set your current .taskrc’s contents on Inthe.AM.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/taskrc/

Method Description
GET Get .taskrc file’s contents.
PUT Set .taskrc file’s contents.

Generate a new taskserver certificate

If you would like to regenerate your Taskserver certificate, usually because your existing one has expired, you can do so using this endpoint.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/generate-new-certificate/

Method Description
POST Generate new Taskserver Certificate.

Reset taskserver settings

If you’ve changed your Taskserver settings, but you’d like to reset them such that Inthe.AM’s built-in taskserver is utilized, send an empty POST request to this endpoint.


Using this endpoint does a number of things:

  1. Resets your Taskserver synchronization settings such that Inthe.AM will synchronize with the built-in Taskserver.
  2. Clears any previously-synced tasks from your Inthe.AM Taskserver account. This is to make sure that you have a clean slate.
  3. Clears the local Taskwarrior repository’s backlog.data file.

None of these should be considered particularly dangerous, but this is not an operation that can be undone without administrative intervention.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/reset-taskd-configuration/

Method Description
POST Reset Taskserver configuration.

SMS messaging (Twilio) integration

You can configure or enable SMS integration by sending a POST request to this endpoint with two form-encoded variables:

  • twilio_auth_token: Your Twilio Auth Token. This is used for authenticating the SMS request from Twilio.

  • sms_whitelist: A newline-separated list of phone numbers from which you would like to accept new tasks.

  • sms_replies: An integer indicating under what conditions should Inthe.AM send SMS message replies. See the table below for information about what values are appropriate:

    Value Meaning
    0 Do not reply to any incoming text messages
    5 Reply only to error messages
    9 Reply to all messages

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/twilio-integration/

Method Description
POST Configure SMS Integration.

Email integration

You can configure which e-mail addresses are allowed to send new tasks to your personal task creation e-mail address by sending a POST to this address with the following form-encoded variable:

  • email_whitelist: A newline-separated list of e-mail addresses from which you will allow new tasks to be created when an e-mail email message is received.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/email-integration/

Method Description
POST Configure Email Integration.

Clear task data

You can clear your taskserver information by sending a POST request to this endpoint.

Please note that this does not permanently delete your task information; it only clears your taskserver information; if you would like your taskserver information cleared permanently, please send an email to admin@inthe.am.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/clear-task-data/

Method Description
POST Clear Taskserver information.


You can configure the colorscheme used when displaying your tasks by sending a PUT request to this URL having a body matching the colorscheme you would like to use.

Options include:

  • light-16.theme
  • dark-16.theme
  • light-256.theme
  • dark-256.theme
  • dark-red-256.theme
  • dark-green-256.theme
  • dark-blue-256.theme
  • dark-violets-256.theme
  • dark-yellow-green.theme (default)
  • dark-gray-256.theme
  • solarized-dark-256.theme
  • solarized-light-256.theme

You can also send a GET request to find the name of the colorscheme currently in use.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/colorscheme/

Method Description
GET Get current colorscheme.
PUT Set colorscheme.

RSS feeds

You can enable or disable the RSS feed showing your upcoming tasks by sending a POST request:

  • To enable: Send a single form-encoded parameter – enabled in the request.
  • To disable: Send an empty request.

URL: https://inthe.am/api/v2/user/feed-config/

Method Description
POST Enable/Disable RSS feed.